Physiotherapy consultations

At The Physio Space your time is valued. We take the time to thoroughly assess and diagnose your condition, which means that your therapy will be more effective and you can recover faster. Our physiotherapists will provide you with:

  • a thorough and complete assessment;
  • education about your condition and an individualised treatment plan to get you back to health sooner;
  • manual therapy sessions;
  •  individualised exercise programs;
  • and progression on to studio sessions and groups when necessary.

Because your time is valued we will never double book your appointment or see two people at once. This means you will have our undivided attention. And our physios only use treatment techniques that have been shown – through best practice and current evidence – to result in significant and meaningful change

We provide:

  • Sports Injuries Clinic

    At The Physio Space we believe early intervention is essential in getting the best outcome for your injury. This triage-style consultation is designed to ensure that you start with the most appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

  • Studio Consultation

    Studio appointments are a chance to check in on your progress with your physiotherapist, perform your exercise program and refine and progress any changes. Studio provides a link from the acute phase to self-management and injury prevention in a supervised and supported environment.

  • Exercise Programs

    At The Physio Space we take an active approach to management. Exercise therapy is an essential part of your management. To make this easier, we provide tailored exercise programs which you can access on any device, anywhere, using Physiapp.

    Find out more about PhysiApp


  • Clinical Pilates

    Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on using specific muscle groups to target strength and control in particular areas of the body.

    It is commonly used to gain greater control in the ‘core muscles’, which are essential in enhancing sports performance, and in rehabilitating and preventing spinal injuries.

    Our Physiotherapists may use Clinical Pilates to progress your treatment from manual therapy through to self-management.

  • Real Time Ultrasound

    Real Time Ultrasound enables our Physiotherapists to observe muscle contraction during activation. This is particularly useful when teaching motor control exercises for deep postural muscles of the core and hip. Our Physiotherapists may also use RTUS when assessing aspects of continence such as pelvic floor muscle control.

  • Group Exercise

    Group exercise is a great way to continue your exercise program and enables you to consolidate your progress and preventing regression in a safe, Physiotherapist supervised environment. For kids groups are a fun way to keep motivation up whilst also giving parents a wide variety of ideas on how to change and progress exercises in their home practice.

    Group Consultations are run on a term basis in our purpose built rehab gym and utilise a variety of equipment that enable patients to work on their strength, balance, core stability and agility.

  • Home and school consultations

    Sometimes it is necessary to observe a child in their own environment to see their full potential. For children with complex, long-term needs, school and home visits can be arranged. The purpose of home and school visits is to build the capacity of parents, carers and educators to provide ongoing management to meet Physiotherapy goals. -Please note home visits only apply to Paediatric patients with complex and long-term needs. Travel surcharges apply, a quote can be provided upon request.

  • Information sessions

    At the Physio Space we believe you can only take control of your health if you have great education and knowledge.

    We offer information sessions for young athletes, parents, professionals, sporting associations and clubs. If you would like to know more about information sessions please contact us.

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