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Recovering after C-section delivery

The post-partum recovery period is a precious window of time for rest and recovery.

Delivery of our babies via caesearean birth is major abdominal surgery and women need to take the time and care to recover safely and effectively. 


Here’s our 10 quick tips on what to expect in those first 6 weeks of C-section recovery.

1 Take it easy is the main thing, your body needs time and rest to recover from surgery

2. When getting out of bed, roll to the side first to avoid the sit up action – using your abdominals can cause pulling and pain around the incision

3. When standing up, coughing/ sneezing etc, hold a rolled towel for extra support.

4. Limit physical work – especially in the first 6 weeks – lifting only the weight of your baby, have a partner, family or friends help with housework etc so you don’t over do it.

5. You can wear abdominal support garments such as tubi-grip or SRC shorts to provide support to the abdominal wall, pelvic floor and lower back.

6. Avoid constipation and please don’t strain! You do not want to place any more pressure or stress on your pelvic floor or abdominal wall whilst in recovery phase.

7. Pelvic floor – get started on some gentle pelvic floor activations 1-2 days after delivery. Be aware, you can try turning them on and get no response, all the more reason to keep practising. Remember you have had a baby sitting on the pelvic floor for 9 months, it needs some love ❤

8. Exercise: walking is the best place to start. Begin with 10mins and progress slowly from there. Gentle core activation exercises can commence after the first week, lying on your back. Avoid crunches, sit ups and planks for the first 6 weeks.

9. Scar management – once healed start rubbing some vitamin E cream into the scar to improve its mobility and sensation.

10. Schedule your Womens Health Physio Check at 6 weeks post-partum– we can review your pelvic floor activation, abdominal wall healing, separation and strength and evaluate your readiness to return to exercise.

For more information on recovering after birth or to see one of our Women's Health Physiotherapists please don't hesitate to contact our clinic to make a booking on 02 4861 1223. 





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