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Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain

Approximately 1 in 5 pregnant women will suffer pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain. It can be a real nuisance and impact on many day to day activities including walking, standing, stairs, getting dressed, getting in and out of the car and exercise.


There are multiple factors that can contribute to pain including:

  • Previous injury or lower back pain
  • Increasing weight of baby
  • Changes in posture
  • Hormonal changes to ligament and connective tissue laxity
  • Pre-existing muscular tension and weakness


    Good news is, Physio’s can help to ease pain and get you moving more comfortably. You don’t just have to put up with it till baby arrives!


    Physiotherapy treatment can include muscle energy techniques and soft tissue release of tight structures, use of tape or pregnancy belts for support, specific exercise prescription to improve muscle control and advice on minimising day to day aggravation.


    Additional tips to reduce your pain:

  • Reduce your walking pace and stride length
  • Go up stairs 1 step at a time
  • Sit down to get dressed/ put shoes on
  • Bring knees together and swivel to get out of the car


    If you have been experiening pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy remember its not just typical pregnancy pain – you can do something about it!


    Contact our clinic on (02) 4861 1223 to book in with one of our Women's Health Physio's today. 



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