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Baby and Toddler Physio

Becoming a parent is an exciting time in a parent's life -there is so much to learn about how to care for your baby. A Paediatric Physiotherapist can assess and advise on how to meet your baby's motor milestones and overall development.

Paediatric or 'children's' Physiotherapy is a specialised area of Physiotherapy that doesn't just deal with injuries. As Paediatric Physiotherapists, Rebecca and Samantha have experience treating children with neurologic, developmental, and orthopaedic conditions. Here are some of the reasons you might see a Paediatric Physiotherapist:


  • babies born with feet turning inwards, preferences to turning head one way, flat spots on head
  • babies who are not enjoying tummy time
  • babies who are slower to meet their motor milestones (e.g. not rolling or sitting at 6 months, not walking by 15 months)
  • toddlers who walk on their toes, or toes turned in or out
  • babies born prematurely (less than 36 weeks gestation or 2500g)
  • toddlers and children with difficulties with balance or coordination
  • children with day / night wetting concerns (including pelvic floor training with real-time ultrasound)

You don't have to wait until you are worried - we also offer healthy baby checks to advise you on how to maximise your baby's motor development.  


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