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How To Open Your Bowels

Did you know there is a proper way to poop? If you have issues with constipation, straining, fissures or hemorrhoids it could be because of the way you poop.

Good bowel habits contribute to our wellbeing, quality of life, health and comfort. Approximately 20% of Australians suffer from constipation and many more suffer from incomplete bowel emptying and gut discomfort. Normal bowel frequency can be anywhere from 3 times a day to 3 times a week (ideally once a day).

Causes of Constipation include:

  • Poor fluid or fibre intake
  • Holding onto a bowel movement for prolonged periods, resulting in dehydration of the stool
  • Lack of exercise or bedrest
  • Hormonal changes eg. during pregnancy and pre-menopausal
  • Not using the correct technique to empty the bowels (Dyssynergia)

    Sitting in a squat position will assist with constipation. This position is optimal for relaxation of one of the pelvic floor muscles, the puborectalis, allowing the bowel motion to come through.

    Tips for achieving the correct technique to Initiate Bowel Motion

  • Sit in a lean forward position, with elbows resting on knees and keeping shoulders relaxed
  • Rest your feet on a footstool to bring your knees higher than your hips, and straighten your spine
  • Relax, breathe slowly and gently widen through your waist and then feel your back passage relax
  • Push/propel from your waist back and downwards into your back passage

    If you have any complaints of constipation, pelvic pain or would like a consultation with our Women's Health Physiostherapist, call The Physio Space on 4861 1223 or book online today!





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