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Dance Conditioning & Injury Prevention Class: ENQUIRE NOW!

It is that time of year where classes are winding down, concerts may have come and gone and plans for next year are underway. Injuries in a dancing population statistically occur more frequently with initial return to sport after a rest period which may include school holidays or in-between sessions.

Training methods solely carried out in the classroom have been found as insufficient in helping prepare dancers for higher and more physically demanding aspects of performance. Studies have shown that the key to reducing risk of injury, enhancing performance, and ensure long lasting dance careers, a dancer’s schedule must include cross training in aerobic, anaerobic, muscle endurance, strength, power, flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, body composition and relative rest.

If you are planning on going into Pointe next year or are entering a full-time or pre-diploma for next year and want to hit the ground on your toes then this is the class for you! Due to recent interest by our dancers who attend the clinic, Samantha will be holding a Dance Conditioning & Injury Prevention course over the school holidays. A combination of Pilates equipment and mat based exercise, Samantha will work closely with you in a small group to prepare for the next dance season helping you to be dance fit. Our Dance Fit program is based upon guidelines provided by the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.

Enquire with our friendly administration staff today for an initial appointment with Samantha to assess your needs t: 02 4861 1223 or book online at


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