Concussion in the Workplace

When most people think of concussion they think of collision sports such as rugby and AFL. However, concussions can occur anywhere. Although concussions experienced in the workplace may not occur as regularly or dramatically as those on the football field, they should still be taken just as serious and managed accordingly.

Common mechanisms for workplace concussions include;

  • Items falling from above
  • Head contact with inanimate object
  • Trips or falling off equipment
  • ️Motor-vehicle accidents
  • One of the main differences between a concussion that occurs outside the sporting environment is the lack of people that are likely to recognise that it has occurred. Sports often have coaches, physio's, trainers and other players that can identify the signs of a concussion and provide care and assitance where needed. This is not necessarily the case if one is to occur at work or at home.

    Patients that undertake an early assessment and intervention (0-9 days after injury) by a qualified concussion professional were twice as likely to be discharged sooner than those presenting after 10 days.

    Our physiotherapists can help treat concussion injuries and assist you in safely transitioning back to work. Book online or call (02) 4861 1223 for an appointment.

    Check out our other concussion blogs for more information on concussion signs, symptoms and management.

    Remember concussion injuries shouldn't be ignored, an there's no such thing as a 'little concussion', check on your mate if they have hit their head at work and encourage them to get assessed.


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