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Changes to Private Health Care and Pilates from April 1st 2019

Why we are now re-naming our Pilates Classes as ‘Clinical Exercise Classes’?

As many of you will be aware, most Private Health Insurers (PHIs) will be cancelling their cover of ‘Pilates’ classes from April 1st this year. These changes were instigated by a federal government decision preventing PHIs from continuing to offer cover for a range of natural therapies, aiming to reduce rising health care premiums. Unfortunately they decided Pilates was on the list.

Considering the amount of strong scientific evidence supporting the benefits of Pilates for both preventing and managing a number of health complaints, including lower back pain, this has been a surprising decision for everyone in the industry.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) have been at lengthy negotiations with the PHIs over this matter and have come to a conclusion. It was agreed that Physiotherapists may prescribe exercises, including in a class setting, to patients after undergoing an assessment. Exercises are tailored to each client, and a re-assessment is completed at the end of the term. This process is already completed by our clinicians at The Physio Space so there will be no change to our clinical setting or practices. The only change will be the name of the class from ‘Pilates Class’ to ‘Clinical Exercise Class.’ Therefore our current client's ability to claim a rebate from their health care provider will not be altered.

While the debate continues between the APA and PHIs on this matter, it is unlikely to change the federal government’s decision. Our staff at The Physio Space will continue to provide the high quality service with evidence-based treatments and exercise rehabilitation that we already do. When indicated, this will include Pilates-based exercises, but just using another name.

If you have any queries or concerns about the changes due on the 1st April, or would like to enquire about our classes in Term 2, please feel free to call our clinic on 48611223


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