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Baseline Testing for Concussion

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and the start of the winter sports season is upon us. This means contact sports are kicking off again, vand these are the majority of the sports that have a higher incidence of concussions.

Say if you had a concussion, would you;

  • like to know when you can return to sport safely?
  • want comprehensive tests that can tell you objectively if you have fully recovered instead of a guesstimate?
  • want to reduce your risk of having to live with persistent symptoms for a long time after the concussion?
  • If you have answered 'yes' to any of the above, you will need to do two things. First is to have a Baseline Test before the sporting season kicks off. Secondly, have your concussion assessed and managed by a practitioner that is trained to do so, ASAP after your concussion. These two simple yet powerful steps can help fast-track recovery from a concussion. However, most people are either unaware of this or choose to adopt a 'wait and see' approach which can be detrimental to recovery.

    So what is Baseline Testing?

    Baseline Testing involves putting the sportsperson through a comprehensive battery of tests while the person is injury-free (i.e. before a concussion). Examples of what are tested can include your strength, coordination, memory, and your brain's ability to process information. If you have undertaken Baseline Testing, you will have created a snapshot of what you were like when you are injury-free, to which we can refer back to after a concussion. It will allow us to tell you with much greater certainty whether you have fully recovered from a concussion and whether anything needs further attention. If you are not sure that you have experienced a concussion, having had a Baseline Test can also help to rule that in or out.

    There is no doubt that a Baseline Test would be very useful if we have one but what is most important is to start managing a concussion early. Numerous research journals have placed strong emphasis on early management in order to achieve better outcomes and recovery times. We can assess and commence rehab for a concussion as early as the next day after you have experienced one! We work closely with medical doctors in managing concussions to provide you with the best possible care. Remember, symptom recovery does not indicate full recovery from a concussion.

    For those who have completed Baseline Testing previously, please keep in mind that your Baseline Testing profile is only valid for 1 year. You will need to have the test repeated if it has expired to ensure your information is recent and reliable.

    The Physio Space is a Complete Concussion Management Accredited Clinic - offering concussion injury services at both our Bowral and Moss Vale sites.

    Photo credit: Bowral Blacks Rugby Union Club


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