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How to avoid a groin strain this soccer season

Looking to get back in to the soccer season soon? Have you been keeping up with soccer specific conditioning?


Groin injuries can mean disaster for the sporting season, especially a shortened one which we will see this year. Groin injuries can result in time on the sideline, ongoing pain, delay to return to play, increase risk of repeat injury and impaired performance. Soccer players are particularly susceptible to these injuries due to the repetitive kicking, rapid changes of direction and high intensity sprints involved in the game.


Good new is, strengthening these muscles is the most effective way at reducing the risk of sustaining an injury, especially as we come out of isolation and a prolonged period of reduced exercise.

What is the most effective exercise to be doing?


The Copenhagen Adduction Exercise is a bodyweight eccentric (lengthening) exercise designed to load the adductors (inner thigh) and execute control through the muscles range of motion specific to how it used in soccer. When coupled with a comprehensive exercise program; such as the FIFA11+,it can reduce the risk of groin strains by 40% in soccer players.


Check out our video at the bottom of Mitchell completing the Copenhagen Adduction Exercise, and the modified version (to do at home or gym).

How many times should i do the exercise?

In the pre-season we recommend starting with 3-5 reps each leg, at least 2-3 sessions per week. You want to build up to being able to complete at least 12-15 reps each side at least once weekly during the soccer season.

Remember its best to team this exercise up with a soccer specific exercise program to help reduce overall risk of injury. Check our link below to download the FIFA11+ program.

If you have adductor pain, tightness or want to check if you are at risk, be sure to book in with one of our physiotherapists. Book online or call (02) 4861 1223 for an appointment.

Good luck to everyone returning to the soccer field this 2020 season, don't forget about our sports injury clinic on Monday nights to get early assessment and intervention for any weekend injuries.


Copenhagen Adduction Exercise Video click here

To download the FIFA11+ program click here



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