Synergy Sports Physio

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Synergy Sports Physio

Provides a comprehensive and innovative approach to the treatment of your injuries. We have designed our clinic and services specifically to take you from the moment of injury right through your recovery until you achieve your goals.

Sports physio is not just for sports people – it’s a particular approach to assess and treat an injury in a performance-focused way.

We work with you to thoroughly assess and diagnose your complaint, and create a tailored and specific treatment plan for your condition and goals. As you improve, you can progress through the phases of recovery from ‘hands-on’ treatment to include supervised exercise in The Physio Space’s fully equipped rehab gym. You can also attend groups and classes to maintain your improvements, boost your performance, and reduce the risk of further injury.

Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to maximise your potential, a sports enthusiast recovering from injury, or you just want to improve your function, our comprehensive and innovative approach can help you take control and achieve your goals.